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Five millennials come to terms with their careers and identities while encountering the hilarity, absurdity, and humanity of living in Metro Manila during the 2016 global paradigm shift.


Episode 1 - Where's Wanda?

It is 2016. Five millennials who have previously encountered each other in Wanda’s New Year’s Eve party reunite in a networking scam. Wanda has sent out personalized invites to trick the five into this scheme. Their bond intensifies when they go out for drinks, flesh out their views and qualms about life, and encounter an ominous accident, which kicks off the absurd adventures the five will encounter for the rest of the season.

Episode 2 - First Day At Work

Kiko reluctantly interviews for what he thinks is a managerial position, only to be swept into another job position. Missy, in the meantime, welcomes her job with enthusiasm, but her upbeat outlook is shattered when her mom pays her a visit.

Episode 3 - Road To Positivity

Art gets into a Grab Car from hell when the driver decides to search for his daughter, Donna. Yeye and Missy are audience members for Life Pegs, a talk show that features Valerie Alvero, an ambitious actress. The two friends make fun of her, especially when the actress starts flubbing her interview.

Episode 4 - Trans-action

Ruth gets discriminated at a bar where she is supposed to meet her “FLAMES” date. The next day, she meets with an engaged couple for her catering services, only to be discriminated yet again. She meets with Kiko and her wedding coordinator friend to check on them. She goes to the secret suman source where she meets her transphobic friend Mitzy. Ruth gets hungry so she orders food from Berjer Kween, a burger stall. She and the burger guy, Bjorn, bond. Right after she leaves the burger stall, Ruth realizes her phone’s missing. She traces back her steps to find her phone.

Episode 5 - The Pamphlet

Kiko visits his bed-ridden professor, Roberto, along with Yeye and Ruth. Kiko meets Roberto and shares his frustrations about his life and career. Meanwhile, Yeye meets Mathilda, Roberto’s granddaughter, and sparks fly between them. Ruth, on the other hand, bonds with Roberto’s wife Beth and her Titas-of-Manila friends.

Kiko then applies for a job and has an online interview with the HR. He reencounters Roberto’s words from the pamphlet handed out at the party, and is struck by the wisdom of the professor.

Episode 6 - Kultorati

Kiko, Ruth, and Art talk about whether they would attend Yeye’s first solo the exhibition, given that the three had horrific experiences in the past attending these kinds of art events.

In the meantime, Yeye accidentally burns her works when she left a cigarette out. To save her career, she finds a creative way to salvage her art.

On the night of the exhibit, Yeye gets drunk. She and Missy meet Miles, who is a famous celebrity and an art collector. Yeye gets more intoxicated. She then bumps into Mathilda, who gives her acid. Yeye hallucinates and sees Mrs. Marquino arriving with a slave. Yeye decides to light a cigarette by a smoke alarm, implying that she’s going to drench everyone in the entire gallery.

Episode 7 - Ctrl+Alt+Del

Yeye meets Art at the mall. They encounter a guy who tries to recruit them to Youth Kingdom Movement. Yeye pretends to be someone else, and makes it like she is already part of the organization.

Yeye and Art then argues over a music video Art made for online. Ruth arrives. The three talk about image and persona. Yeye ghosts them. Art encounters the Youth Kingdom Movement again, and persuades Ruth to immerse themselves in the group while pretending to be other people.

At the Youth Kingdom Movement headquarters, Art composes a new persona with a group of young influencers, while Ruth helps Trish, a disturbed teenager who is also a member of the organization.

Art joins the party of influencers and creates a story to impress the kids. Suddenly, one of the kids pulls out a gun. A near brush with death becomes a wake-up call for Art.

Meanwhile, Ruth is with Trish in her room. She discovers that not only does Trish makes makeup tutorials, she also makes pornographic videos with her “alter” account. Trish wakes up and sends Ruth away. Trish then creates a new video for her alter.

Episode 8 - Living Space

Missy and Kiko look for an apartment together. The first they encounter is previously owned by a dead military man, and the two get the impression that the veteran lived a lonely and sad life.

In the second apartment, the two friends encounter a bickering couple. Missy and Kiko are locked in as the couple experiences hysteria over the savage killing of their son. As the couple’s hysteria escalates, Missy recollects the moment she learned of her father’s death. After a harrowing experience of paranoia, they are able to leave the couple’s apartment.

Episode 9 - Wake

Ruth, Art and Yeye visit the wake of their friend Gino, an EJK victim. They find the body in the middle of the street, and since it is a crime scene and the body has not been retrieved by the authorities for days, the community decides to hold the wake around it. Art stays with Gino’s mother, Manang Lyds, and speaks with her about Gino while Yeye goes to the “saklaan” and tries her luck.

Ruth, on the other hand, cooks for the mourners. She finds out that Bjorn is from the same community. Ruth catches a woman trying to steal something from her bag. A commotion erupts. SOCO arrives to get Gino’s body. The community stands with Manang Lyds in solidarity.

Episode 10 - X-Preso

Yeye, Kiko, and Art are arrested for filming a music video without a permit and unintentionally assaulting an officer. The three then proceed to the holding area while waiting for Ruth and Missy.

Later, a policeman brings a man who was caught exposing himself in the bus. Ruth arrives with food for her friends. Missy arrives, and encounters her ex-boyfriend at the precinct.

While inside the holding area, a policeman brings a kid, Odan. The kid is brought to the cell. Missy leaves for their release papers, while the four friends decide to whether or not bribe the police officer to release Odan.

Interspersed in this episode are interviews with actual PDLs.

Episode 11 - Quack

Missy, now a lawyer, joins friends Kiko, Ruth, and Yeye in a Fliptop event featuring Art. But Art chokes. Art realizes he is sick. He calls Yeye for help. Yeye searches the internet for a quack doctor for Art. Art leaves the quack doctor’s place, thinking he has been cured.

Episode 12 - New Year's Eve - Finale

The year is 2015, and it is Yeye and Kiko’s first time meeting each other. The episode crisscrosses through time.

We are now in 2016, New Year’s Eve. Drunk Yeye is inside a convenience store, devastated over a breakup with Mathilda. Ruth develops her relationship with Bjorn. Missy is at a speed dating event. Kiko meets Dennis, whose loyalty and hard work with Thunder Blender has made him rich. Art meets with Donna. They talk about whether their relationship could continue.

The five friends are at Wanda’s party, but Yeye passes out.

Back in 2015. The New Year’s party is in full swing. This is the first time Missy and Ruth meet. Missy fights with her boyfriend in front of Yeye. Meanwhile, Kiko and Ruth meet. Kiko encourages Ruth to make food her career. Art musters the courage to rap.

Back in 2016. The five are inside Ruth’s car, talking about their new year’s resolutions. Then they decide to take a vacation and leave the city.


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