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NameAug 2, 2020 Kabuhayang swak HD
GenreKabuhayang Swak na Swak

About the film

Swak na Swak features up-and-coming entrepreneurs who took the ongoing COVID health crisis as an opportunity to start their own business ventures. Ciara Mabanta-Ong, a first time mom, shares how she came up with the idea to develop a snack that is perfect for lactating mothers called Lactasnack. Husband and wife, Arman and Heidizel Famini, talk about how they started their own bean bag business called Comfycreatives. Antique enthusiast Edwin Guinto explains how he turned his enthusiasm for restoring antique objects into a hands-on business that he runs from the comfort of his coffee shop, Café Antix. Finally, Shella and Jaymar Joya SpotiFood looks back at how the COVID health crisis encouraged them to start their own food business, and share details about their best-selling baked samgyupsal.

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