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NameJuly 26, 2020 Kabuhayang Swak na swak
GenreKabuhayang Swak na Swak

About the film

Swak na Swak features the impressive handcrafts of an artist who uses recycled wires and cutlery. A teacher shares how donating homemade malunggay doughnut to frontlines inspired her to put up an online business. An OFW talks about giving stalled jeepney drivers an opportunity to earn extra income by making handmade woodworks. Two architects-turned-entrepreneurs tackle the inspiration behind their apparel business that caters mostly to furparents. A woman suffering from psoriasis attests to the prowess of natural stimulating beverage Redjuice in detoxifying safely and naturally. A jewelry designer shows off his wide collection of in-demand copper wire jewelry.

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 [url=/pinoy_teleserye_hd/abs_cbn_teleserye/kabuhayang_swak_na_swak/july_26_2020_kabuhayang_swak_na_swak/19-1-0-138]July 26, 2020 Kabuhayang Swak na swak[/url]

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<a href="/pinoy_teleserye_hd/abs_cbn_teleserye/kabuhayang_swak_na_swak/july_26_2020_kabuhayang_swak_na_swak/19-1-0-138">July 26, 2020 Kabuhayang Swak na swak</a>

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