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NameBen & Jim (ongoing )
Genreben &jim

About the film

Ben, a 23 year old guy who lives alone, is supposed to graduate from college after 8 years, but then the pandemic happens. As soon as the lockdown starts, he begins selling online to pay bills and prove his parents, who already reside in the US, that he can make it here alone. Then, he learns from his next door neighbor’s housekeeper that his childhood friend, who he had been harboring deep feelings for, will return to spend the lockdown. Suddenly, memories of old feelings return to him, making him anxious about how it’s going to be between them this time.

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<a href="/pinoy_tv_series/abs_cbn_teleserye/ben_jim/ben_jim_ongoing/168-1-0-5125">Ben & Jim (ongoing )</a>

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