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NameStory Of My Life Full Episode
GenreStory Of My Life

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A depressed teenager’s family and friends face the consequences of a rash and hopeless decision

Episode 1 - Yung Akala Mo May Dahilan Pa

Sensitive loner Rex feels neglected by his mom in favor of his older brother Rodney. A humiliating appearance at prom reinforces his outcast status at school. A budding romance with his school crush Lindsay ends in heartbreak. Beset with one disappointment after another, Rex makes a drastic decision.

Episode 2 - Yung Akala Mo Isang Bagay, Pero Iba Pala

Rex’s mom and dad mount a frantic search for the missing Rex, which ends in a heartbreaking discovery. Rodney and Lindsay each confront their guilt. Little clues show the continued presence of Rex in the life of his loved ones. Neighborhood Pisonet operator Mommy Sugar starts shadowing Rex’s mom Annie, but it is an assignment Mommy Sugar does not like.

Episode 3 - Yung Mabuking Na Ang Mabubuking

Annie goes on a Mother’s Day celebration by herself as she revisits her memories of Rex. The family plans a surprise. Rex’s father Rod is crushed by thoughts of being a derelict father. Mommy Sugar’s interest in Rex’s family comes under scrutiny. An accidental discovery by Lindsay’s friend Jenny leads to a surprise visit, shaking Rex’s family to the core.

Episode 4 - Kung Saan Hindi Natatapos Ang Lahat - Finale

What is supposed to be a happy reunion leads to explanations of what really happened. Mommy Sugar’s real role is revealed, sparking more misunderstanding. Questions about Rex’s mental health persist. A public confrontation causes Lindsay to process her bruised feelings. A joyous occasion starts the rose to healing.


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