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NameTaken 3 (2015)
GenreNew Releases, Action, crime, thriller
time1 hour 54 minutes

About the film

In the plot of an action movie & laquo; Run All Night & raquo; It is the story of a former hitman, who inevitably had to once again face to face encounter with their illegal past. The hero has to go into hiding with his family from the former boss of the Mafia, and government, in order not to hurt their loved ones, and to survive in this difficult confrontation. Playing the hero & ndash; Liam Neeson. In this crime drama, he will try to prevent the mafia attempts to get him to go for another job. However, a mercenary is not so easy to do. Plus and local authorities want to send a killer to prison for his crimes. Because of the structure of the criminal few people can go and live a calm, measured life of an ordinary man. Will it have the hero escape from the authorities and to deal with the bandits he? & Hellip;


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