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Name9 Mornings
GenreTagalog Movies, Romance, Drama
time1h 40min

About the film

It has been more than a decade since his girlfriend died in a starling accident, but Gene Ynfante (Piolo Pascual) still clearly remembers that fateful day and he is haunted by it. Flashforward to the present and Gene is nowhere near his former self.. Now, a non-believer, cynical and obsessive-compulsive events organizer, his life revolves around two things - sex and money. Tht is why it is no surprise that he is ecstatic in learning that he is going to inherit his late grandmother's wealth. There is a hitch, though. He must be able to complete all nine "simbang gabi" of Christmas. What Gene does not know is that he will find love in the most unlikely place. Elise (Donita Rose) is the compassionate pre-school teacher of an orphanage. Pristine and simple, she is also nursing from a broken heart. Her fiance of several years dumped her for no reason and she is devastated by it. Still hurting, she exerts her best efforts to love her students the most special of whom is frail but sprightly ...

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