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NameBaby Angelo
GenreTagalog Movies, Drama
time1h 24min

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Genevieve Homes boasts of a 24-hour security system (you may have seen him napping every so often), and is conveniently located near the neighborhood "sari-sari" store and outdoor cafe. Those with athletic inclinations will certainly enjoy a one-on-one game of basketball in Genevieve's outdoor uni sport complex; or they can take a stroll in its very precise, ten-plant garden. More than its old-world appeal, Genevieve's real treasures are its tenants, some of whom have lived in the complex for what seems like forever. A peculiar mix of old and young, families and young single professionals, you'll certainly be charmed by their ability to be ensconced in the daily, numbing repetition of their everyday lives. You may have heard of the disturbing news involving the discovery of a dead fetus inside the dumpster beside Genevieve Homes, but don't let that feral murder discourage you from visiting us. Our waste management disposal system is at par with other urban cities.

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