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NameLove Unlock
GenreTagalog Movies, Romance, Drama

About the film

During the Enhanced Community Quarantine, six friends revisit the past in a supposedly fun drinking session online. But what started as a happy and harmless rekindling of friendship turns sour when they start unearthing unresolved issues that almost destroyed their once solid relationship. Will this online reunion patch things up among them or will it totally put an end to their friendship? A couple separated by lockdown tries to spice things up by attempting to make love online. Being newbies to this, their attempts always seem to lead to failure. As they try to master the art of online sex, they discover some things they do not know about each other. These new discoveries will lead one of them to do something the other one does not expect. The show marks the reunion of well-loved tandems of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto, and Gerald Anderson and Arci Munoz in back-to-back mini movies that will bring fun, romance, and drama to viewers

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