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NameMano po 2: My home
GenreTagalog Movies, Drama, Family
time2h 14min

About the film

Antonio Chan, a prominent Chinese businessman, has three women in his life v Sol, a Filipina; Lu Shui, a Chinese; and Belinda, a Filipino-Chinese. Antonio has children with all three women. A crisis shakes up the over-extended Tsinoy family prompting all the members to re-examine their values, their relationships, and confront issues that they have refused to face all these years. With Mano Po 2, My Home, Regal Entertainments continues the tradition established by the critical and box-office hit Mano Po. Features strong dramatic performances from a stellar ensemble cast, lush visuals, a reverberating musical score, an unforgettable theme song, and a heart-warming screenplay that eloquently captures the rich Tsinoy culture. Laugh, cry, and be touched by this family story about forgiveness, healing and undying love.

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