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NameMaynila Sa Mga Kuko Ng Liwanag
GenreTagalog Movies, Drama
time2h 23min

About the film

Maynila Sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag directed by Lino Brocka is originally based on the novel Sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag by Edgardo Reyes. The story starts with the man named Julio Madiaga played the role by (Rafael Roco, Jr.) who's followed his girlfriend Ligaya Paraiso (Hilda Koronel) in Manila to search for her. There's a strange old woman who persuaded Ligaya to go to Manila for free education and to work in Manila as well. While on the search he will meet new friends who will help him and knowing some bad people that cheat or deceive one another only for their sake. This movie is also rated SPG or only for adults because of one of the work Julio used to. There's a lot of good lesson watching this movie knowing how hard the life goes by, a challenge for some people with poor education not because they don't want to but being in a state of poverty on how they provide the needs in everyday life. Must work to gain money.

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