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NameMoral ( Restored )
GenreTagalog Movies, Drama
time2h 20min

About the film

Joey, Kathy, Sylvia and Maritess are not only classmates - they are the best of friends. Joey is a drug user who sleeps around. Kathy is a mediocre singer who will stop at nothing to fulfill her dreams of going big-time. Sylvia is a liberated woman who finds security in the love of her ex-husband who is now living in with another man. Maritess plays the role of a conventional housewife who is reduced to a baby-making machine. In the span of three years - from 1979 to 1982 - the film traces the lives of these four women through their seemingly desperate but also interwoven experiences and in their attempts to resolve their individual problems are mirrored the different faces of the woman in our society today.

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