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NameSi Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote
GenreTagalog Movies, Sci-Fi, Comedy
time1h 50min

About the film

There is trouble brewing in the world of Agimat and monsters are scaring and kidnapping children. The monsters seem capable of travelling in other worlds and Agimat is able to crossover with them to Encantasia, the world of Faye, Ina Magenta and our hero, Enteng Kabisote. The fairies wonder why monsters are able to cross worlds. Agimat is amazed of the other world and hopes that things in his world would turn out better. His dream one day is to have a happy family like Enteng's. The story unfolds. Satana is the one ordering the monsters to snatch children so that she can use their blood to revive Ragat, the powerful lord of darkness. Satana will also need a blood of a fairy, and Faye is the perfect choice. Enteng now has to rescue his wife. And he will get Agimat to help him battle the monsters and the dark lord.

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