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NameSpirit Warriors
GenreTagalog Movies, Action, Fantasy, thriller, Horror
time1h 41min

About the film

A bunch of high school chums get themselves deep into the ghost-hunting thing. They met the supernatural, the Ulanaya, a spirit that takes many forms. Malevolent but only after going through years of exposure to the evils perpetrated by humans. This is what the Ulanaya acquires after absorbing all the negative thoughts, acts and deeds of humans it has come across with through the years. In the process, the Ulanaya then musters the ability to take many forms such as the wind, fire, water, earth and others making it the ultimate elemental and its malevolence, most potent. A force to reckon with especially on the gang of amateur ghost hunters, the Spirit Warriors do battle against this behemoth of an elemental, the Ulanaya

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