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NameTabi Tabi Po
GenreTagalog Movies, thriller, Horror
time1h 57min

About the film

A horror trilogy that will surely drive you to the edge of your seats! Episode 1 "VAMPIRA 2000" - Vera is a fitness instructor who tries to conceal her true identity that of being a vampire. She tries to live a normal life. But the vampire hierarchy is desperate in eliminating all unholy members of the group who try to deny themselves of their demonic powers. Episode 2 "Engkantada" - kathy came back to investigate her father's mysterious death and she learns the vast land they own has been grabbed by some lady engineer. And now, fairies, dwarves and other creatures from the underworld are helping her find vindication - because the piece of land is haven for them. Episode 3 "Demonyita" - Two demon sisters are always at odds - one is trying to lead a normal life while the other is dead set in destroying mankind.

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