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NameTayo muna habang hindi pa tayo
GenreTagalog Movies, Romance, Drama, Filipino Movies Most Watch
time1h 19min

About the film

A soft boy. A strong girl. And a relationship/nonrelationship that can’t seem to get started. This is the story of Tayo Muna Habang Hindi Pa Tayo. Alex is a woman who knows what she wants and goes after what she wants – and this attitude has proven to be invaluable to her when it comes to her career, unfortunately, Alex seems to take this attitude when it comes to her dating life. So when she met Carlo, a man who has his own baggage after being betrayed by his former girlfriend – Alex wasted no time in showing him that she wants him in her life, even though Carlo warned her that he has no intentionof getting involved in a relationship. In her mind, she can make Carlo change his mind, she is after all, a go getter. And she always gets what she wants. A year after – Carlo finally managed to say the three words Alex has been waiting for – I love you. However, the happy ending did not follow. Instead, what could have been the happiest day of her life quickly turned into a heartbreak because Carlo refuses to commit. What follows is Alex’s efforts to moveonwhichonly managed to land herona date which failed in epic proportions because she realized that while she could replace Carlo – there is no replacing the connectionthat she has with him. As she and Carlo go through the motions of a break up, both learn that as far as relationship goes – this is the best relationship non/relationship they’ve ever had.

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