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NameTunay na tunay: Gets mo? Gets ko!
GenreTagalog Movies, Romance, Action, Comedy
time1h 46min

About the film

For years, mob boss Don Julio (Efren Reyes Jr.) has been the target of police investigation, led by honest cop Col. Alano (Gammy Viray). Quite a number of police deep penetration agents (DPA's) have been placed into Don Julio's organization. But somehow, Don Julio manages to find and kill them. Except for one. With the suspicion that an insider from their ranks have been tipping Don Julio of the DPA's identities, Col. Alano sends in agent Nick Abeleda (a.k.a. Abner) (Robin Padilla) without the knowledge of his superiors. Nick manages to hide his real identity, until the day of Don Julio and his men are captured except Kaliwete (Dindo Arroyo), his right-hand man. With Don Julio's syndicate destroyed, Nick is now ready to go back to the regular Police Force

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