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NameYamashita: The Tiger's Treasure
GenreTagalog Movies, Drama, Action, Fantasy
time1h 53min

About the film

Lolo Melo (Armando Goyena) is an old Filipino World War II veteran living in the United States who tells his war stories to his grandson Jobert (Danilo Barrios). Flashbacks to 1944 he tells the story of his participation during World War II, when his troop was ordered to bury the Yamashita treasure. When Lolo gets kidnapped, Jobert goes back to Manila in order to find the hidden treasure and save his grandfather. Jobert finds the clues to a hidden treasure in the coded, wartime diaries of his grandfather. Soon, he and his chums are in hot pursuit of the Yamashita Treasure. But a dangerous mercenaries are also after the prize, Emong(Albert Martinez) a Philippine government official and Naguchi(Vic Diaz) a Japanese World War II veteran.

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