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NameNgayon at Kailanman Fast Cut Full episode
GenreNgayon at kailanman

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Rodrigo and Rebecca's idyllic life is shattered when the former returns home to receive his inheritance from his late father, Julian. Failing to hear any news about her lover for more than a week, Rebecca decides to follow him. She then becomes devastated to learn about Rodrigo's untimely death. Shortly after, Rebecca meets her grisly end, leaving her daughter at the hands of Joey, who names her Eva. Years after, Eva runs for her life after armed men attacked her foster parents. Meanwhile, Inno grows up struggling to earn the affection of his mother, Stella. Blamed for his brother's worsening condition, Inno promises his mother to do everything to save his brother's life. As fate would have it, the two troubled souls cross paths in an unlikely destination. After escaping from certain death, Eva finds herself under the care of Rosa and her brother-in-law Abel. The young girl then meets Rosa's sister, Adessa, a mentally ill woman who is yearning for her child. Meanwhile, Carmen promises ...

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