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NameThe Haunted Full Episode
GenreThe Haunted

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Aileen (Shaina Magdayao) is trying to rebuild her strained relationship with her husband Jordan (Jake Cuenca) mainly for their daughter, Angel (Althea Rueda). But when Angel got hurt in an accident and fell into a coma because of Jordan's negligence, Aileen is ready to call it quits. However, Aileen gives him a second chance when she realizes how Jordan loves their daughter when he devoted his time to take care of Angel in the almost two years that she is in coma. When Angel wakes up, their relationship is again put to the test when the ghost of a woman, Monica (Denise Laurel) starts haunting them. This haunting will not just challenge Aileen's will as a mother but also her conviction as a wife, when she fights the spirit who wants to claim her husband and child because of a dark secret in their family's past.

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